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An ocean between/where I am and where I want to be

you prayers in doubt / doubt not for me!

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'Sup, Livenournal?
Okay, I have a confession to make. Psh! I probably have a lot I could make, but shut up. I'll just start with this one for now...
It has been a wild, weird few years here recently, and yes I did end up joining Facebook as well as Daily Strength.....and honestly, for a bit there I forgot about Livejournal until the other night when I FINALLY saw "The Social Network", and you know in the beginning when Zuckerberg was on LJ? Yeah. I went, "holy crap, I used to love LJ, why haven't I been on there in forever??"

And right now, I'm typing from my phone. Just wanted to see if all this was still here, and see if I remembered my password.

Can't type much now, tho, from a PHONE. But I would love to journal more, and would love to get back into the swing of journaling here.

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Catch us up on your life!...I bet a lot has changed in the last couple years :)

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