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Happy Fall!
aw, I never know what the f to put on the subject line. HEY THERE! Our Colorado trip was soooooo freaking AWESOME!!!!!!! We loved CO and can't wait to go back. I have a whole travel log of our experiences that I can post, but I am trying to remember how to do a cut tag. Ergh. I used to be so computer-savvy. I'll have to look it up on the LJ tip sheet. BUT ANYWAY. How amazing are the San Juan mountains, huh? After hearing about our trip, now my parents want to go, after they retire.

This here has already been a weird week, tho. Matt is about to change to a better job in November, so that is GREAT's just that he has 2 hospitals fighting over him right now (must be nice) so we do not know yet for certain where his next gig will be.

Other weird stuff...I had a 24-hr stomach flu but thankfully no one else caught it. A friend in Lenior City, TN, passed away, but it's OK--the man was 90 and had led an amazing, wonderful life.

OH! Guess what?!?!? This weekend we are taking River and Cedar to their first Star Trek convention! TrekExpo, in Tulsa. We know River will love it--it's gonna blow his mind. Cedar...? We aren't sure, but hopefully he won't be bored, anyway. I'll stick some of his trains and tracks in a backpack, just in case. ;-)


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