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Took up cycling
Good morning! Like I said, one exercise I can still do with my effed-up spine is cycling. So, I got a decent bike (Bianchi Cortina, which sounds like a female so I refer to her as "she") and some gear and tried to take up cycling last year. Either I suck at it, or it is just further proof that Oklahoma sucks...I take my bike to Huntsville, which has GORGEOUS bike trials, and I ride every day I'm there, all over the place and LOVE it. But in Oklahoma, it seems like it is too hot or too windy or too ugly or blah blah blah.

The reason why I bring this up now, is that this morning--with BOTH of my boys off to school--I took my freshly tuned-up bike out for a ride for the first time since the boys and I came back here from a month-long vacation to Alabama and Florida in May-June. So, I have not ridden my bike at all pretty much in almost 2 months.

Beautiful morning! But what did I forget?? I FORGOT THAT IT IS GARBAGE DAY.

The whole neighborhood smells like vomit.

I ended up having to cut my ride short, not--surprisingly to me--because I am so out of shape, but because the SMELL was getting overpowering.

NOTE TO SELF: Mondays are go-to-the-lake days FROM NOW ON. That should be much nicer.


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