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you prayers in doubt / doubt not for me!

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Oh look! Me olde joinal is still here!
Wow, this is like....visiting your hometown and going over to your old high school or something. I have not been on here in FOREVER, and so I've sort-of forgotten what it's like, and yet it is all vaguely familiar!

Geez, how long has it been? Well, a great deal has happened in the past...years? many, many months, at any rate.

I experimented with some other journals--succumbing to peer pressure to join this or that site. (Daily Strength, for example.) But I am not so anonymous on those and--even if putting on a "private" setting for an entry--I feel too exposed to really write what I want to say, to be totally honest.

Man, I didn't know if this account would still be here at LJ. I expected it to go "you have been inactive too long" or something. God bless 'em!

I'm not going to do a real post just now; first I want to go see how far back my journal goes, and if any funny baby stories of the boys still exist. River just turned 9, and Cedar turned 6. Can you believe it?!?


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HEY! You're still on! Awesome. How are you??

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