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My the baseline....
Well, after bouncing from doctor to doctor all summer and having 2 MRIs and countless x-rays, I am finally getting some treatment. The immediate problem presenting today was the now age-old bursitis in my left hip. Got a cortizone shot for that. Yay! But, here is the new deal: Tuesday I go get an epidural injection of steroids for my back. New ortho says this usually works on people, where they have 1 of these every 5 years. You can have up to 3 in a year, so if the 1st one only improves things a little bit, you can try again. Now, if this doesn't work, he recommends spinal fusion surgery. But I have high hopes that the epidural will break the cycle on my chronic inflammation.

Meanwhile, how to exercise and lose weight is always a question, due to not wanting to incur new pain. I'd been researching and all signs were pointing to swiming or water aerobics. Ugh. I love to play in the water but hate swimming for exercise, and at our gym the H2O class is full of elderly ladies with incontinence issues.

HOWEVER....just tonight I read a medical website that recommends BIKING, because the sitting position is less painful with degenerative spondylolisthesis--opens up the spinal canal!

I had just said to Matt a coupla months ago, that I would like to get a bike. Don't know now when such a thing will happen, but hey! Suddenly it is medically necessary, heh heh!

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glad you have some possible fixes. back pain is horrid. i've only had two issues my whole life, but those two episodes are enough. i hope that you do not have to resort to surgery. biking sounds great! being in a pool with incontinent people, not so much... *eeeeeeew*

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